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For the past 70 years, Long Island Plastic Surgical Group has offered state-of-the-art plastic and reconstructive procedures. At the Institute for Hand Surgery at LIPSG, our mission is to provide comprehensive, cutting edge, patient-centered care for the treatment of injuries and disorders of the upper extremity and peripheral nerve throughout the body.

Why Choose a Plastic Surgeon?

Plastic surgeons receive extensive training on surgery all throughout the body, providing them with a more comprehensive view of the essential relationship between bone and soft tissue. In addition to completing six to eight years of primary training, plastic surgeons specializing in the hand spend an extra year of training devoted solely to hand surgery. Many people aren’t aware of this advanced level of expertise.

With exposure to a vast array of conditions, plastic surgeons are highly proficient in treating conditions of the upper extremity and peripheral nervous system. Our team is composed of subspecialty-trained plastic surgeons who can treat all types of injuries and disorders. While some problems pertaining to the upper extremities require surgery, many can effectively be treated with non-surgical methods, such as medication, splints, therapy, or injections.

Our mission goes beyond just putting you back together. The hand surgeons at LIPSG focus on restoring optimal form as well as function by tending to our patients’ individual needs.

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